• Implementation of the first contact center in Serbia's insurance business in order to provide faster, easier and more accessible support for over half million clients as well as for prospects.
  • Enable customers to contact company through several media channels including telephone, e-mail and fax.
  • Providing unique telecommunication solutions based on client's needs.

„We do not want to invest in new infrastructure and build our own team of IT professionals to manage the new system“,

Said the MORAVIA COMFORT company, added in the 2014 by the Organika group to its portfolio.

Since the MORAVIA COMFORT had the unique solution based on the Oracle JD Edwards deployed, which was optimized for the needs of production and distribution of mattresses, the new owner chose its preservation and further development. Given that the Organika did not want to invest in new infrastructure and build its own team of IT professionals to manage and development of the entire system, it did the migration and handed over the entire operation of the system to the entire care of the ALGOTECH in its cloud center.

Complicated process and issues that arose from the integration of two separate systems that was why the GUMOTEX decided to deploy the barcodes solution in the Oracle JD Edwards system.

By deploying this solution, whose pilot implementation took place in Branch unit 2 of the Automotive division, the GUMOTEX gained an integrated solution in one complex system, using which of course it eliminated the costs of running the original autonomous solution. This step also greatly simplified the original complicated process and eliminated the problems arising from the integration of two separate systems. During the solution implementation, the emphasis was primarily on the automation of business processes and the simplicity of users work.

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