Algotech delivered an IP contact center with several telecommunication solutions for Raiffeisen Banka a.d., one of the leading banks in Serbia.

Since Raiffeisen Bank experienced significant development during past few years, Algotech's role was to provide constant improvement and development of contact center performances. Today, contact center agents handle around 80 000 call monthly, serving more than half a million clients through 67 branches. Raiffeisen Bank is currently the only bank is Serbia offering telephone banking service.



  • Distributed IP Telephony System for more than 60 different locations
  • IP contact center, 40 agents, ACD distributed calls, EAS, CTI
  • Nice System for recording
  • Altitude Software for outbound calls
  • Audix messaging system for inbound messaging, automatic operator and automatic fax sending and receiving system

Value created:

  • Contact center agents are able to provide superior support for the bank's clients and prospects 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through several media channels including telephone, fax, e-mail and SMS
  • Integration of IP telephony provided quick ROI (Return on Investment) of cca 2,5 years
  • Average Call Handling Time significantly decreased by installing EAS (Expert agent selection) a system enabling the most qualified agent to collect call or inquiry
  • CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) enables several locations using one centralized set of applications
  • Secure and confidential financial transactions such as telephone banking services and telephone broker service, backed up by NICE recording solutions
  • Debt collection and promotional campaigns using Altitude Software Solutions

"Cooperation between Raiffeisen Band and Algotech started in 2001 when Lucent/AVAYA platform was installed in the bank's headquarters. The installed "Definity" system proved to be very reliable, and able to support business processes in Raiffeisen Bank. "Definity" system was upgraded with VoIP technical solutions handling voice and data communications simultaneously. We are also very satisfied with professional attitude of Algotech's employees, and we are convinced that partnership with Algotech will become even stronger in the future," commented Gordana Sinobad, Head of IT Department in Raiffeisen Bank, Serbia.


Increased Productivity and Cost Saving:

Implementation of the IP telephony was organized trough phases. First phase included implementation of a distributed system controlled and administrated from one central location. All bank's branches are connected within one unified telephone system, enabling all telephone calls within Serbia to be charged as local calls.

Second phase included implementation of a basic call center, later upgraded with EAS (Expert Agent Selection). Further improvement was delivered trough integration of CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), NICE recording software and Altitude software for outbound call management.

"Implementation of our contact center significantly increased the productivity of the bank's employees and also improved business results by cutting operational costs. We are very satisfied with all business indicators including fast return on investment in IP telephony (2,5 years), lower operational costs (including telephone bills), and improved contact center performances. In the past few months, our employees from several departments increased productivity by using different possibilities of contact center management, such as debt collections, promotion of new services, products and sales options," explained Gordana Sinobad.

Improved CRM:

During 2006, the total number of Raiffeisen Bank clients increased by 36%, and reached almost 500 000. Raiffeisen Bank's strategic goal is to provide excellent client service for corporate clients as well as for private customers.

"Since the bank has more than doubled the number of customers within the past two years, it was clear we needed to provide totally secure, scalable and reliable telecommunication solutions. Excellent business results show that Raiffeisen Bank follows market trends and constantly works on Development of Customer Relationship Management," Commented Aleksandar Bakoč, Managing Director of Algotech Serbia.

Pioneers in phone banking:

Raiffeisen Bank was the first bank offering telephone banking service in Serbia. The service is linked to the telephone network, which enables inquiry of financial information and financial transactions via the bank's system. Major functions include transfers between various accounts, fee-based services of collection and payment, inquires of financial information and inquiries of personal account information. Clients are also able to receive information concerning transactions on their bank accounts through SMS services.

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