• Installation of the biggest contact center in the Balkan area for nearly 3 million customers
  • Connecting all departments within company by a unified contact center, providing the clients with accurate information about the company and all its services
  • Integration of the contact center solutions with Telekom Serbia's own business process application


  • Avaya Media server based on SIP technology
  • Avaya Interaction Center 7.1
  • Avaya IR
  • NICE Voice and screens recording
  • Avaya CMS and Cognos

Value created:

  • 3 millions users can contact Telekom Serbia through several media channels, including telephone, e-mail, SMS and fax
  • Improved Call Answering Rate for the visa services from 30% to 90%
  • Possibility to transform the contact center info a profit center
  • Clients may give feedback on the service immediately after each interaction

Assessing the situation:

Before the consortium of Algotech, Saga and Geomant implemented its contact center, Telekom Serbia used to have four different services for each of its business segments: 988 (for information about phone number), 977 (for reporting failures) and 9813 (for new services, information and complaints) and visa service.

The unified contact center, delivered by the consortium, connected all the departments of Telekom so that all its customers are able to get precise information about the company and its services.

Delivering the solutions:

"Telekom Serbia developed its own CRM application called TIS (Telekom Integrated System), and it was fully integrated with all the contact center solutions. Since we were receiving an average of 3 000  - 4 000 but sometimes even 62 000 calls every day, it was crucial for us to have a solution enabling us to share information with our customers in an effective way," commented Dragan Jovanovic, Director of Customer Care Department at Telekom Serbia.

A TIS (Telekom Integrated System) was fully integrated with all the contact center solutions. The solution is as reliable as its components are. The heart of the system Avaya Media Server is industry's most reliable IT platform, with average break-down time of 1 hour in 6 years (99,999% secure).

All DTMF customer interactions are supported. Thanks to the native integration with the AIC solution, Avaya AIC and IR product are natively integrated, without any need for the custom-interface creation. This allows for the creation of call flows that are unified: a call may start with the IR, where at any point the agent can choose to talk to the operator. While the call is passed, all information interacted with the IVR is displayed on the operator's screen. This also works in the other direction an agent can pass a call ack to the IR at any point and all information handled by the human operator will be available to the IR application.

At the end of every customer interaction, the agent is prompted to fill in questionnaires in which customer feedback is logged for possible future use.

"The proposed solution is highly flexible and claims at converting the contact center into a so-called profit center, meaning that it gives every possible tool for recognizing sales opportunities. The contact center provides inbound and outbound services, surveys, database management (database marketing, data mining, data cleaning), collection security, telemarketing, customer loyalty development programs, market research and marketing / sales campaign planning," said Aleksandar Bakoč, Managing Director of Algotech Serbia.

One of the service noticebly improved is visa service where users can get all the information needed for obtaining visas for eight countries, Italy, Slovenia, France, Sweden, Turkey, Greece, Spain and Belgium. In January, more than 16.5 thousands citizens contacted Telekom for visa service. Number of the received calls for this service is around 6000 monthly, with tendency of increase regards to Telekom's marketing campaigns.

The implementation of the contact center improved the Call Answering Rate for the users of the visa service from 30% to 90%. Besides improving visa service, Avaya contact center made the increase in number of agents possible, especially during summers when there is a higher demand for information.

Modular and scalable components on all levels, including hardware and software components, and applications. Every addition to the system agents, supervisors, functions or servers is a modular expansion and not a for-lift upgrade of the system.

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