• Changing old and retrorade telephone PBX system in City of Niš with new IP Telephony system
  • Overcoming generation gap between old and VoIP telephony system
  • Reducing costs of telecommunication and increasing number of internal and external calls
  • Creating unified contact center on 14 dispersed locations for 1000 direct and 500 indirect users and around 300 000 citizens 


  • Media Servers and Media Gateway system based on RedHat Linux (Avaya Edition),
  • Voice Mail (550h capacity of recording),
  • IVR with 30 channels of recording,
  • DECT system with 2 locations,
  • Avaya UPS

Vale created:

  • Installation of the first e-government is Serbia
  • Increased efficiency and improved procedures in city administration
  • 50% of telecommunication cost reduction (cca 87 500 euros), compared to the previous year even with increasing number of internal and external calls
  • Return on investment 2,5 years
  • One unified telephone number for receiving information about all Niš City Services
  • Providing additional support to citizens with more than 250 000 e-services per year
  • Collecting information from all the citizens
  • VoIP System protected for the period of minimum 20 years
  • A solution scalable on all levels, easily upgradeable

Assesing the situation:

Algotech had participated in a public tender announced by the Department for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the city of Nis, and was chosen to implement Avaya IP Telephony System with contact center. IP telephony system connected City of Nis with 12 dispersed city locations, providing services of the contact center for 1000 direct and 500 indirect users and about 250 000 citizens.

"We wanted to use existing MAN infrastructure, to overcome generation gap between old and VoIP telephony system, to reduce costs of telecommunication, and to increase number of internal and external calls. We also wanted to provide fast ROI (return of investment) in a period of two and a half years. All these requests of the ICT department were fully realized with Algotech's VoIP system," said Bojan Cvetkovic, Head Deputy of Department for ICT in Nis city administration.

Delivering the solutions:

Implementing process in Nis public administration was very challenging, but also very demanding. Division for information and communication technology of the city of Nis is the first and only e-government department in States and Government bodies in Serbia, providing more then 250 000 e-services per year.

"In the first phase, Algotech installed a basic contact center with one unified number for all information. Next step includes connecting of public companies such as 'Naisus' and 'Medijana' to a single contact center. In the near future, all clients and citizens will be able to receive all information about public companies in Nis by using different media channels such as landline telephony, mobile telephony, fax, SMS, internet, chat and blog," said Aleksandar Bakoč, Managing Director of Algotech Serbia.

 ICT department Nis received the special award of Magazine Micro PC World for "Project of implementing VoIP telephony of the city of Nis", and also award of association JISA "Diskobolos 2006" for "The first enterprise IP telephony and call center at State and Government bodies.


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