Algotech is the partner of companies which need the certainty provided by modern and suitable solutions based on reliability, quality and long-term relationships.

Our regular customers already know us... They know that we offer not only products and services but we offer solutions. Solutions which will save their costs, advance them and help them to win more customers.

They know that they can rely on us and that the terms quality, customer and system integration are not just empty words and slick phrases for us. We build long-term relationships with our customers and partners that are based on mutual trust and the following values:

  • We are absolutely professional, at all times and in all aspects.
  • We do not wait for the customer's requirements but we come to them with ideas and suggestions.
  • We do our job properly; observing the agreed deadlines is a matter of course.
  • We cooperate with significant world business partners; we are "number one" in AVAYA solutions and Oracle applications.

Our customers' success is our motivation. However we are not only the "cool" professionals. We know that common success is not possible without a human approach and respect for individual customer's needs. That's why we are the stable and long-term partner of so many significant companies.

We would be pleased if we could convince you too...

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