Algotech Company is a participant and exhibitor at the international Fair on prevention and reaction in emergency situations "112 EXPO" (23-26th of September), whose main sponsors are the Ministry of Interior – Sector for Emergency Situations and the Ministry of Labor, Employment, and Social Issues – Sector for Safety and Health at Work.

The aim of the "EXPO 112" fair is a presentation of new technologies for preventive action in complex and unpredictable situations and recovery from permanent devastating effects. The slogan of the fair is “Prevention First”. In addition, "EXPO 112" aims to enhance functional connectivity of relevant state institutions and local communities, scientific and professional institutions, specialized organizations for risk assessment, manufacturers and distributors of safety equipment.


Algotech, as a leader in the design and implementation of contact centers in this year's "112 EXPO" held a well-attended presentation entitled “Contact Centers in the service of prevention and faster recovery of emergencies”, where the attendants were introduced with the most advanced solutions in the field of call and contact centers, as one of the important factors in the prevention of safety and risk management in emergency situations.

The importance of enforcement of single operating system for emergency calls and implementation of 112 contact center, which would enable every person on the territory of Serbia to make an emergency call either with desk or mobile phone, was especially emphasized. By introducing the 112 phone number, that will unify all relevant emergency services (police, fireman, ambulance…) through the contact center, system of protection and rescue in emergency situations in Serbia would be significantly improved. The European Union has for years used a single number 112 for all emergency situations, and the number can be called from desk and mobile phones free of charge all over the EU. 

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